For Detective Johan DeGraaf, the morning of April 29th, 1904 began with a foreboding gale wind, a kidnapping, and a homicide—all before arriving at the station house. The search for the abductee, a young H.P. Lovecraft, leads DeGraaf on the trail of a mysterious Prince Khan, a bizarre crystal, and a clandestine underworld of intrigue and debauchery centered around an ancient alien evil older than humanity itself.

Nightfall begins with the destruction of the Mars colony by a mysterious alien presence and moves to fourteen inhabitants of Los Angeles in a distant future who find their very different lives connected by an unlikely but commonplace item. Concluding with the love story that inspired the Martian resilience that prevailed against an unassailable doom, Nightfall is a collection of seven stand-alone stories in the Dusk timeline that explore humanity’s fight against its greatest enemy—itself.

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