A New Journey Begins

This is the first official post on my new blog site Cosmogenesis. The goal of the blog is to discuss worldbuilding and character generation in my own work with some room for reviews (with a focus on the crafting of the narrative) and other musings about constructing mythos, setting, and plausibility.

I love worldbuilding and put a great deal of energy and time into its development, but I feel, particularly in science fiction, that it is vitally important that the shaping of those worlds is dependant upon the choices that humanity, or beings that exhibit aspects of humanity, make.

All I ask is to be held above the barren wastes of want. — Wilfred Owen

I’ve been teaching creative writing at various levels for ten years, and I focus on specific aspects of character development and development of the environment those characters live in. Both my undergraduate and graduate study was in creative and professional writing, but in my electives, I focused on world religions, world philosophy, and world history.

I personally love to dig deep into background research for my stories, and in this blog, I plan to discuss much of the research that went into my previous and current writing. The ultimate goal here is to share, but hopefully, in that sharing, there will be things to learn for myself and those who choose to read.

I am excited to embark on this journey with you.

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